The best POS systems and software for restaurants are 100% tailored.

Our hardware solutions are all in one long-term (more than 20 years), which saves many changes of material and subsequent investments. Different of traditional systems, our touch screen screens have built-in software, server, cash register and its complete system with lifetime licenses. Our equipment has a minimum of 2 years warranty due to manufacturing defects.


The management POS software for restaurants of KSD, written on Linux, is the most stable in the world market.

It adapts to the measure according to the specific needs of each client, granting him the simplest and friendliest way to work.


Each project, carefully carried out under the personalized advice and control of specialized technicians in the hospitality sector, guarantees total success for our clients.

Our specialists analyze each project in its form of operation, management and work in order to provide the best operational and administrative process required for your specific business.


From the tables of the customers to the production area in less than a second, so that the service granted to your clients is of excellence as you deserve.


All this allows us to guarantee you the most complete POS management system for your restaurants, cafe, bars and hotels.

For us, each client is a new challenge because it operates with his unique and personalized way of working.

Terminal Punto de Venta para Restaurante

- KSD Linux software with its simple programming manual without the need for technicians to install.
By having Internet we can install anywhere in the world.

- Configurable  operation according to customer's needs.

- Possibility to connect up to 253 print or control points (applies only to custom projects).

- RFID, barcode, on-KSD-tablet RFID Functionality

- Custom reports according to customer's needs (applies only to custom projects).

- Real time sale reports in your smartphone, included.

- No Maintenance, Updates or other hidden costs.

- Auto-Invoicing module available (optional).

- User control with authorization levels using Dallas key. 

- Control of customer consumption.

- Handling of home delivery with money tracking / delivery (optional for LMC 10 Light).

- Customer loyalty, customer database (for promotions, advertising, etc.)

- Recipes costing and inventory downloading in real time.

- Management of warehouses with stock in real time.

- Basic sales, general financial reports, food and beverage popularity according to your sales menu.